‘Saturation Point’ 20.06.15 – 28.06.15

Saturation Point Catalogue 

'On a day like this'%0AMixed media on canvas, 114cms H x 124 W cms W 2015'When the sun shines hot'%0A'When the sun shines hot, Acrylic on calico covered marine ply, 87cms H x 55cms W 2015'Trigger the density'%0A'Trigger the density', Mixed media on board, 45cms H x 58cms W 2014

23 'Still life with hyacinth and fish', acrylic on marine ply, 60cms H x 55cms W 2015 - £750manganese under mother%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D27cmw x 28cmh 2013%0Dorange, orange%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D24cmw x 18cmh 2013%0Dred frenzy%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D23cmw x 18cmh 2013%0Dred under tin%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D26cmw x 23cmh 2013%0Dred on yellow%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D27cmw x 17cmh 2013%0Dsplash the red%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D30cmw x 16cmh 2013%0Dtwo tone volcanic%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D26cmw x 30cmh 2013%0Dwashed with yellow ochre%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D26cmw x 26cmh 2013%0Dvanadium overload%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D37cmw x 26cmh 2013%0Dboudoir blues%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D16cmw x 15cmh 2013%0Dvolcanic over vanadium%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D30cmw x 35cmh 2013%0Dspotted manganese%0Dhand built multiple surfaced terracotta%0D31cmw x 24cmh 2013%0D12SP. Scrub that blue, slipped and multisurfaced terracotta 32cmsH x 28.5cms W £49017SP '21 orange' top view, slipped and multisurfaced terracotta, 22cms H x 28cms D £30023SP 'Cornishware pot with 2 gold shapes, 1 gereen lug and 3 orange discs, 17cms H x 20cms W £30025SP. 'Cornishware' pot with 2 pink lustre houses, lilac:pale blue lugs, 11cms H x 16cms W £8017SP '21 orange', slipped and multisurfaced terracotta, 22cms H x 28cms D £30019 'One day, some day', acrylic on canvas, 76cms H x 99cms W 2015 £1.40015 'North coast 3', oil sketch on paper, 17cms H x 25cms W 2015 - £9022 ' Shepherds warning', acrylic onmarine ply, 45cms H x 63cms W 2015 - £60024 'Remembering the flower farm', acrylic on marine ply, 45cms H x 58cms W 2015 - £650

Opening times – 10am – 5.30 daily Venue: The Rock Institute Rock, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL276LQ

Saturation point flickr album

SATURATION POINT A new exhibition of ceramics and paintings By Linda Styles Hosted by Simon McNair Scott and Valency Fine Art. The vibrant colour and texture and the strikingly unexpected form of Linda Styles’ ceramics is complemented by the strength and beauty of her paintings. This exhibition is an expression of the inspired experimentation, emotional integrity and mastery of technique that characterises this artist’s work; the ongoing challenge to reach a point of perfect intensity that is the ‘Saturation Point’. The power of Linda Styles’ ceramic work comes from the inherent contradiction that is its essence. On one level these strikingly colourful objects are joyful and uplifting, bright and comforting, but they offer much more than that. This work challenges itself. Darkness and lucidity, strength and fragility, complexity and simplicity are all present in Styles’ work. Oddly distorted and asymmetrical shapes appear to lack stability and yet are perfectly stable and functional. Functionality is an important part of this work. Much of it has domestic purpose. It is designed for use but it also speaks its own story. It proudly proclaims its own rebellious beauty. These are functional objects as well as works of art. They are three dimensional paintings that are not too proud to pour a cup of tea. They are truthful, they are visually stunning and they communicate on an emotional level that transcends first impressions. They are as unique as the woman who creates them. Internationally renowned for her ceramics, this exhibition also offers a rare chance to see Linda Styles’ two dimensional work. These strongly coloured and textured paintings have all the visual impact we would expect from this artist. They are distinctively Linda Styles. This body of work is a reflection of the artist’s relentless commitment to exploration and discovery in technique and content. A stunning collection that enchants, disturbs, sooths and excites in equal measure. Catalogue introduction by Philipa Aldous

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