1. Dear Linda, Through your new post “Art In Progress” I see how hard you work at your designs. They are really envolved yet so spontaneous. You must be a wonderful teacher. I wish I could see you in action. Thanks for sharing with the world. jb

    1. Thank you Jeanine, such encouraging words, much appreciated. I shall continue to upload glaze process (two more firings), ending with finished results. Each stage is necessary to achieve the tonal variation and depth/breath of colour palette, so complex and time consuming but I love it!

  2. Great to get to see your process. Are these all underglazes and stains? Amazing spontaneity and confidence, and the energy that you manage to leave in the clay is a refreshing change. thanks for this post. I for one am looking forward to the next process shots.

    1. Hello Miche, good to get your feedback. I use red clay (terracotta), an elaborate mix of oxides, diluted in water and slip, overlaid with more slip, usually white. I work into the clay again whilst soft to leather hard and bleed in more oxides before bisque, then the process begins again with glazes and vitreous slips, mostly my own recipes which I have formulated over the years. I work on the principle of contrast and tension, finishing some areas in matte, some in gloss, the last firing being lustres and precious metals. Bisque temperature is 1000’c, top glaze temperature is 1120’c, bottom lustre temperature being 780’c I am just about to upload images of completed work, some of which you may recognise from the process shots.

  3. Your surfaces and forms are so exciting. The pre-surfaced forms are beautiful. If I may ask, do you coil, slab and/or throw your forms! I am really curious about your process of making your forms.

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