1. hello LInda , Thanks a lot for all these informations ; I am impress by your ceramics works : the colours do dream , like a painting , and very dynamics and also the abundance of your works; Thursday I was whith my friend albane , the painter , we work together , I go painting in this taller and she come do potter ; I have talk her of your course in Italy , she is interest ; we must discust believe of this project . But me It’s OK ;  Now I learn ” the tower”  whith clay I like that . You are an expert with informatic , I see . Me a little and I must ask to my soons to help me !!! I have two childrens samuel 27 years and Jimmy 25 :I live near the sea wher the ocean rumble in winter it’s my inspiration : the sea . Good day LInda .         > Message du 05/02/15 23:31 > De : “Linda Styles – Notes on my practice…” > A : clo.ruellan@wanadoo.fr > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Beautiful Imperfection > >WordPress.com

    Linda Styles Art Pottery posted: “http://issuu.com/elementpub/docs/creative_element_vol_2/1 An article by Philippa Aldous and John Martin in ‘Creative Element’ magazine. To enlarge print click on double arrow bottom right facing, then on slide rule top left facing.”

    1. Dear Clo, what a lovely message, I love the way you write. I made friends with Albane the painter on Facebook as it is a great way to keep in touch and aware of what we are all doing creatively. This is the link to my art page which I update on a regular basis nowadays. I shall keep you both informed about the 2016 course in Italy. We plan to have a rough outline of itinery within the next couple of months but it will be closely related to the 2013 course.

  2. Please keep me informed of everything…I am a student at the the University of Florida in Jacksonville, Florida -USA.
    I am constantly showing my instructors photos of your work. I would love to see you here as an visiting artist. I am a super fan.

    1. Thank you so much Ruth for your enthusiasm. Are you studying Ceramics or more general 3D design? I am teaching at The Leach Museum in St Ives,not far from where I live in Cornwall, also bi-annually in Italy, the photo’s of which are on this blog.If your course has a budget for visiting lecturers, I would happily write a proposal of what I could offer you and your peers. I was a PGCE qualified H.E. lecturer for many years. I will add you to my mailing list and keep in touch.

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